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09. Sep

Three small Django apps

I’ve just converted this site to Django. In the process I wrote a few small apps, two of which are in a state, where others might use them (or improve them, until they become useful :).

The first app is a blog, with posts and categories (which drives this blog…). It’s still not feature-complete (I want comments and drafts at the very least), but it works. One nice feature, is that the posts are formatted using Markdown.

The second app is a personal calendar-type-thingie, it’s stille very rough around the edges, but it helps me to keep track things I have to remember…

They live in under src/apps/, I still haven’t gotten around to writing a, and the templates need a bit of cleaning up.

This post was written by Sune Kirkeby on 2005-09-09, and claimed to be mostly about rambling.