The blagotube home of Sune Kirkeby. Here are rambling rants and some bits of code.

About Me

First, I had better introduce myself, my name is Sune Kirkeby and I am a compulsive hacker, a procrastinator of all things great and small, and an avid consumer of litterature.

I have a BSc in computer science from the University of Copenhagen, and I work as a software engineer / system administrator at a small privately owned company in Copenhagen, where I develop both in-house and customer facing systems. I work both on the front- and back-ends of systems (everything from making HTML and JavaScript work to tuning Postgresql databases and extracting business reports via SQL is part of my daily work.)

I am passionate about developing software, and I am always trying to better myself, both by looking for software which can help me; by studying computer science and software engineering litterature [hacker's litterature?], about anything from Haskell type-system wizardry to parallel programming with Linda tuple-spaces, or large-scale web-site deployments using Python, Perl or Ruby; and by practicing my craft, by rewriting software I come into contact with, doing the occasional code kata, or doing exercises anywhere I find them.

Also, when I fancy practicing my writing skills, or I have something I want off my chest, I write rambling rants. Subjects you are likely to find me ramble about include python, HTML and programming in generel.