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20. Oct

myTunes: Music-library and player

myTunes is my own music-library and player. I wrote it primarily because I wanted a music player with an iTunes-like rating system; so I can play my entire music collection on random, and mostly hear my favourite music.

Notable features:

  • Plays MP3 and Ogg files
  • iTunes-inspired rating system
  • Random playback will mostly play your favourite music
  • Keeps your music files organized in a nice directory-structure
  • Keeps your ID3 tags and Ogg metainformation updated
  • Imports ID3 tags and Ogg metainformation

Coming features:

  • UI for tagging your music (e.g. this is music for hacking sessions)
  • Filters for the random playback mode (e.g. don’t play classical music right now)
  • UI for browsing your music library (by artist, by rating, etc)
  • UI for searching your music library
  • Playlists

It’s written in Python and uses Durus to keep it’s database and pygame to play your music.

See the trac page.

This post was written by Sune Kirkeby on 2005-10-20, and claimed to be mostly about rambling.