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26. Feb

The Classics

For the past 10 years the only fiction I have read is, with a few detours into fantasy. It started some time during late primary school, when the slow, painful death of my literature classes took their toll. Those classes were meant to introduce us to classic literature and good writing in general. I thought all of the books we read were mind-numbingly dull. So depressingly, horribly dull that in spite I didn’t read a single book for literature class all through high school.

The sad thing is, then and now, I love reading. So, the danish primary education system turned a confessed bibliophile off classic literature. Which has bugged me ever since: I always felt there must be a good reason classic literature is considered.. well, classic. So, once in a while, when shopping science fiction, I would also buy a classic, thinking: “Maybe, this one is worth reading.” Alas, those books always went to the bottom of the pile. And stayed there.

But. Recently I dug into the book pile next to my reading chair, and decided to give one of the classics a try. Orwell’s Animal Farm came first. I was right, Animal Farm is a very good book. Next I picked up Kafka’s The Trial. The cover says “the masterpiece of the 20th century”; that must mean the book is a classic. And, so far the story captivates me (pun somewhat intended.)

A whole new world of books. Yay! :)

This post was written by Sune Kirkeby on 2006-02-26, and claimed to be mostly about rambling.